184 Years Later

FR. BOSS is Susann Bosslau‘s debut jewellery collection and marks a new era in her family‘ history of blacksmithing and metalwork. Almost 2 centuries ago Fr.Bosslau aka Friedrich Bosslau used to mark made to order SCHMIEDE BOSSLAU products with the „FR.BOSSLAU , DISSEN“ label tool. Today his tool is being used to label precious metals like silver and gold by his great granddaughter in 7th generation.

The unisex collection is all aspects of empowerment— to make you feel! Each piece is unique, locally and ethically hand-made in Berlin and at the original blacksmith workshop in Dissen, Brandenburg Germany.

Photo: Marcus Paarmann 
Model: Kórina Brečić via Kult Model Agency
Hair/Make up: Sabina Pinsone via Collective Interest

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