SCHMIEDE BOSSLAU was founded in 1836 by Friedrich Bosslau in Dissen in Brandenburg, Germany. Back then, the traditional, family-owned blacksmith workshop produced farming tools and fitted horses with horseshoes. Almost 200 years later, designer Susann Bosslau – who is the 7th-great-granddaughter of Friedrich – and the first woman in the family to work in that field — launched her brand SCHMIEDE BOSSLAU JEWELLERY. The peculiar high-end accessories pay homage to the many generations who came before her. Using the handcrafted machines and tools her great-grandfathers built centuries ago, she also inquires the inherited know how of her father and her brother to make her vision come to life.



By combining traditional methodologies with new and unconventional techniques, Susann gaines her inspirations from past travels across the globe when she was working as a flight attendant and while studying fashion design. Her fascination for Japanese culture, astrophysics and creating new forms of techniques are deeply rooted in her design process. Each piece of jewellery is crafted in a memorable shape and narrative, and projects a distinctive aura.


Working with raw material in the likes of fair, recycled silver, gold, and brass, Susann Bosslau, wants to inspire a more concious lifestyle directing the focus to valuing perfectly imperfect details, quality, tradition and handcraft.