FR. BOSS since 1836

The FR.BOSS since 1836 collection honors every FRAU BOSS. The women that have always been a vital part supporting the family and the business from the very beginning. Fr.Boss (german short version for Mrs. Boss) is a secret empowering message not only to the women of the Bosslau family, who have always supported each other and the family to this day, but to ALL women on this planet and beyond that are mastering their life despite all labeling and being put in boxes every day.

Leaving visible marks of direct contact with over 1500 ┬░C on the metals, the force of fire is being immortalized on almost every piece of jewellery to refine the collection with raw empowerment.
Each piece is locally and ethically handmade in Berlin and at the original blacksmith workshop in Dissen, Brandenburg, Germany.

Photo credits:
Photography: Marcus Paarmann
Model: Adel Iudina via System Agency
Hair / make up: Timo Bloom